Isnin, 3 Februari 2014


This Chinese New Years leave I went to visit my mother at my home town nearly 200 km and visit my daughter who is in her industrial training for her Diploma in Fishery. What I am going to tell here is not the visiting. It is how ages is realy matter know. At the ages of 54 we are not fit to travel in the long period. For 3 days traveling is realy getting me tired. The feeling cames to me recently. Its make me think I am going to the end of my days in the world. Prophet Muhamad saw had said,"We are only traveler in this world, the world where we are collecting amunition for preparation to the here after your real home town." Feeling the ache of your body bringing only one thing, you must collectting faster your amunition. It only matter for who can think....

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